This RESOURCE SHOEBOX contains a collection of Innovate-A-thon program material.  An Innovate-A-thon is a three-stage process: 1] Identifying issues that will addressed with creativity and imagination; 2] Focusing on concepts that are new and better than what already exists; 3] Utilizing a set of entrepreneurship tools and techniques to put the new solution to work in the world!

The latest Innovation Impact Roadmap (.jpg .png .pdf) is HERE! Think of this roadmap as a checklist of the various elements that may need to be addressed in an innovation development process. The order they are considered may vary, hence a "roadmap" rather than a "tour book" approach.

Innovate-A-thon program "starter" slide deck templates are HERE! Basically, each deck has examples of the core material that would be covered in that Innovate-A-thon phase. These slides (or a subset) can be used to "calibrate" an innovation team.

Some Innovate-A-thon program "digging-down-deeper" slide deck templates are HERE!  Most every Innovate-A-thon will have a unique set of issues to address.  In some cases, certain material may need to be addressed by "digging-down-deeper" into particular topics.  

Innovating is competitive creativity! The website contains a variety of material and notes collected from a variety of university and corporate innovation and entrepreneurship programs, courses, seminars, and workshops.

The website contains an ever-growing collection of right-to-the-point tips, tools, and rules of some very smart and savvy people ... something to make your day a little brighter, a little easier. Learn a little from the best!

In the works ...

Innovate-A-thon Activity Handouts and Templates

Certified Innovate-A-thon Training Programs