How to Find a Great Opportunity ...

 Great opportunities have these key characteristics ...

  1. Timely
  2. Solvable, doable
  3. Important
  4. Potentially profitable
  5. Favorable regulatory and industry context
  6. Able to position venture favorably relative to the competition
Try scoring a new idea or opportunity ...

A] Is the concept technically feasible? Could it be produced?  Score: 0 (no) to 9 (absolutely)
B] Is the concept venture viable? Is it economically sustainable?  Score: 0 (no) to 9 (absolutely) 
C] Is the concept resource reasonable? Could start-up funding be readily obtained?  Score 0 (no) to 9 (absolutley) 

If the overall score of the concept is greater than 555, probably worth looking deeper.  
If any of the individual numbers are less than 5, proceed with caution!