How to Analyze Your Industry ...


  1. In what industry is your venture? (Use NAICS industry nomenclature)
  2. What is your primary NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) number?
  3. What other notable organizations are in this industry?
  4. What organizations are the industry leaders, and why?
  5. Describe the intensity of the competitive environment in this industry.
  6. What new ventures have recently entered this industry, and why?
  7. Are other new ventures likely to enter this industry, and why?
  8. Describe the buying process by customers in this industry. How strong is buyer power?
  9. Describe the substitutes available to buyers.
  10. Describe the major suppliers to ventures in this industry. How strong is supplier power?
  11. Describe the types and strengths of complementary relationships between companies in this industry.
  12. What are the major strengths of this industry?
  13. What are the major weaknesses of this industry?
  14. What are the major opportunities in this industry?
  15. What are the major threats to a new venture entrant in this industry?
  16. What are the major trends in this industry?
  17. What are potential benchmark ventures in this industry?
  18. What is the financial model of a typical company in this industry?