The Innovation Impact Roadmap ...

The Innovation Impact Roadmap started on the whiteboard in my office at the University of Arizona as a schematic outline of the syllabus for an entrepreneurship program I taught.  

A syllabus is sequential, but the innovation and entrepreneurship processes usually are not.  They bounce around a bit, from here to there and round again. 

I used the roadmap to show the "big picture" of where we were going in class, and to point out that the road to "getting there" wasn't necessarily the same for everyone.

The whiteboard version was fairly simple, but students and colleagues seem to like it and took photos of it for reference.  So, I thought, why not elaborate it just a little bit?  Add a few details here and there.  OK, OK, so maybe I got carried away just a little bit!  I've tried to add elements that I thought would be most useful. Certainly not all apply to every venture! 

Think of it as a checklist of the "attractions" you might want to visit on your Innovate-A-thon venture adventure. The "main highway" on the roadmap is the venture mission statement (the critical success factor in my mind) ... it's highlighted in yellow. 

The latest Innovation Impact Roadmap high resolution version in .pdf .jpg and .png formats are available HERE.